May | São Paulo


I'm excited to coordinate this technical Meetup about eWASM here in Sao Paulo at FIA. In a partnership with CryptoNYC and the Ethereum Foundation, Lane Rettig will bring us some knowledge about the eWASM project. What it is all about, how can a developer engage with it and what will make Ethereum 2.0 more scalable and secure. eWASM is the future of the EVM. Don't miss this one. Registration at:


03  - 04

May | Friday - Saturday


The biggest open-source cryptography event in Latin America. A 24hour immersion in the hottest topics about data privacy, technology and security. Bring your laptops! This event is totally free. Register on the link below:


04 - 05

May | Saturday - Sunday


The biggest cryptocurrency conference in Brazil is already on its 7th Edition and expecting a public of 1,200 participants this year. Bitconf VII is bringing experts from diverse areas in the crypto community space: analysts, lawyers, technologists, exchanges and leaders. Sponsored by Atlas Quantum, the public can expect an exciting 2 day event with talks & panels about adoption, regulation and the forward paths of the cryptoassets in the brazilian economy. 

Tickets for sale at:




June | 


Building , developing, creating content


August | Monday


Every year the devs and researchers working on lower level protocols and others interested in the latest developments in the decentralized web come together for an immersive and collaborative gathering focusing on the Web3 technology stack, including: P2P protocols. Platform neutral computation language. Data distribution protocols. Blockchains. Transient data/messaging. Encrypted storage. Protocol-extensible developer APIs.

Web3 Summit is an open and collaborative space where the community can create their own programming. Web3 Foundation invites a full line up of high quality speakers, while individuals, teams and projects use the rest of the space for workshops, presentations, AMA sessions – both intimate and large-scale, chilling, and most importantly, hacking.


08  - 1 1

October | 


 Ethereum Devcon V

Save the date - https://devcon4.ethereum.org/